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April 2016 Activity Programme

Friday 1st April

Daniel Chiropodist is here today.

2pm Activities with Staff

Saturday 2nd April

2pm Activities with Staff

Sunday 3rd April

2pm Activities with Staff

Monday 4th April

2pm Bingo with Victoria or staff

Tuesday 5th April

2pm Molly Pat dog will be here with David.

2pm Lorzena – Art Session in the Green Lounge

Wednesday 6th April

10am Elaine Hairdresser will be here

2pm In the Groove will be in the Green Lounge

Thursday 7th April

9.30 Ann will be here to do manicures.

2pm Mike will be playing the Accordion in the Green Lounge

Friday 8th April

2pm Activities with Staff.  Wifit

Saturday 9th April

2pm Activities with staff

Sunday 10th April

2pm Activities & Quiz with staff, Crosswords.

Monday 11th April

2pm Bingo with Victoria

Tuesday 12th April

10.30 Roger May from Church of England.

1.45pm Arm Chair Pilates class with Michelle

Wednesday 13th April

10am Elaine hairdresser will be here

2pm Poslips will be here to sing and entertain us.

Thursday 14th April

2pm Ben will be here to do exercises

Friday 15th April

2pm New Life Church will be here in the Green Lounge.

Saturday 16th April

2pm Activities with Mel – looking at the computer at old

Monday 17th April

2pm Memory Matters – New Discussion Group  in the Red Lounge with Laura.

Please put Names on the list please.

Tuesday 18th April

2pm Molly pat dog is here with David

Wednesday 19th April

10am Elaine hairdresser is here in the Red Lounge

10am Daniel Chiropodist will be here today.

2pm Jayne is back, with her unique way of getting us involved in Music and movement.

Thursday 20th April

2pm Activities with Staff

Friday 21st April

2pm Residents meeting

Saturday 22nd April

2pm Planting up some tubs for the garden.

Sunday 23rd April

2pm Activities in the Green lounge with staff.

Monday 24th April

1.30 Gregory Mann Optician is here to see people due for a sight test.

2pm Lorzena is here to do an ART session in the Green Lounge.

Tuesday 26th April

1.45pm Pilates class with Michelle in the Green Lounge.

Wednesday 27th April

2pm David Jobes will be in to play for us.

Thursday 28th April

2pm Mike Teague will be here to play for us.

Friday 29th April

2pm Activities with Staff in the Green Lounge

Saturday 30th April

2pm Wifit with Mel & Staff in the Green Lounge.


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