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Care Forum Meeting – 6th November 2013

The first Care Forum Meeting was held on Wednesday 6th November 2013 at The White House Care Home. Ten relatives of our residents attended the meeting, which was opened by Eves, our manager who welcomed everyone and introduced Frances Giddings (Fran)who is an End of Life Practitioner, Complex Care & Dementia Services for the Cornwall Partnership Foundation Trust (CPFT).

Fran explained that the purpose of the meeting was to discuss a new project which the CPFT are piloted last year and is now rolled out to selected care homes. The project is “Preparing for the end stage of Dementia – Improving End of Life Care Project for residents with Dementia who lack the capacity to make decisions for themselves”.

Fran explained that the project was to help residents and relatives put in place end of life care plans for the time when they will inevitably be needed but are often overlooked when people are relatively healthy.

After much discussion the relatives present thought that it would be a worthwhile project that they would like to participate in, developing care plans with Fran, Eves and Lisa.

A leaflet describing this project is available on the front hall table. If anyone would like further information on this project please contact Eves.

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