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T-Shirt Competition Winner Is Annnounced

The winner of our design your Christmas T-Shirt Competition is BILL.

Congratulations to Bill for designing and drawing his winning T-shirt.

Bill Our T-Shirt Competition Winner - Jan 15

“Vortex” the Jumbrella arrives

We are pleased to announce that our Jumbrella affectionately known as “Vortex” has been installed for all our residents to enjoy.

The pictures tell the story of its installation;

Making a start








The Hole gets bigger








The jumbrella goes up


Hat on











Finally “Vortex” has his hat on!


Disabled Parking Badge

We have a “Parking for the Disabled Badge” for the Home, that people can use to take their relative out.

It gives two hours parking in a Disabled space if displayed with the Parking Badge.

Please ask any of our staff who will assist to obtain the pass when you want.

Vortex Umbrella

We have ordered a Ferrari Red Vortex Umbrella for the patio outside of the Red Lounge.

WATCH THIS SPACE for more information!

Our Own Quality Assurance – 2014

We undertake an annual quality assurance survey asking our residents, relatives, staff and visiting professionals for feed back on the service we provide.This year there was a very good response to our survey, 22 out of 33 resident questionnaires were completed and returned and 23 out 35 sent out to relatives.

The responses were mostly positive with comments from residents such as:

“Girls are lovely” – “Looked after well.” – “Ok when you get used to it, some time to get used to what it is like” – “Wonderful” – “Excellent”.

The responses from the relatives included:

“Keep on doing what you are doing, you are all succeeding admirably” – “I have always been met with a totally professional and caring attitude” – “Exceptionally kind, caring and cheerful. The friendliness and good cheer of the staff make an enormous difference to the quality of my mother’s life. She is happy, which is wonderful”.

We were pleased that some issues were raised in the responses. The majority were discussed and resolved on receipt of the completed questionnaires. The following specific actions were taken:

  • A new arm chair was provided for one resident.
  • A specific diet was discussed and offered for one resident.
  • Activities have been reviewed.
  • Skype calling has been set up.
  • Two residents remarked about the length of time it took for staff to respond to their call bell at times. We analysed our call response records and found that all the emergency calls were responded to within one minute and over two thirds of standard calls were responded to within two minutes, ninety percent within five minutes and all calls within ten minutes. We discussed the results with our staff and impressed upon them the need to answer the call bells timely, as ten minutes can appear to be a long time.

More detailed comments can be found in the Testimonial page.

Ten Tors Walk – Sunday 18th May 2014

Ten Tors

Ten Tors 2014 - 1

We did the Bodmin Ten Tors on Sunday 18th May.

We had two teams walking, it was a lovely sunny day and although it’s a tough walk, everyone enjoyed it.

We raised £250 for our Residents fund.

Thank you to:-

James                                                Craig

Phil                                                     Jodie

Jo                                                        Carl


Thank you all, we enjoyed a nice cold drink when we got back to St. Breward.


Vacant room

We currently have a vacant bedroom:

This room has lovely reaching views over Bodmin:


And an ensuite toilet:

Our Christmas Tree Arrives

Christmas Tree Christmas Tree (2)


Our Christmas Tree has arrived and is being placed in the lounge.

How did the girls get on?

Watch this space for pictures of the decorated tree!

Care Forum Meeting – 6th November 2013

The first Care Forum Meeting was held on Wednesday 6th November 2013 at The White House Care Home. Ten relatives of our residents attended the meeting, which was opened by Eves, our manager who welcomed everyone and introduced Frances Giddings (Fran)who is an End of Life Practitioner, Complex Care & Dementia Services for the Cornwall Partnership Foundation Trust (CPFT).

Fran explained that the purpose of the meeting was to discuss a new project which the CPFT are piloted last year and is now rolled out to selected care homes. The project is “Preparing for the end stage of Dementia – Improving End of Life Care Project for residents with Dementia who lack the capacity to make decisions for themselves”.

Fran explained that the project was to help residents and relatives put in place end of life care plans for the time when they will inevitably be needed but are often overlooked when people are relatively healthy.

After much discussion the relatives present thought that it would be a worthwhile project that they would like to participate in, developing care plans with Fran, Eves and Lisa.

A leaflet describing this project is available on the front hall table. If anyone would like further information on this project please contact Eves.

Anne Treffry Celebrates Her 103rd Birthday

Anne who has lived at The White House since July 2007 celebrated her 103rd birthday.

Anne  is pictured with her daughter, Diana.  Diana was delighted when asked if we could publish the photographs on our web site, saying it would be wonderful for  relatives who live abroad to look and see the pictures.


Anne and her daughter Diana

Anne and her daughter Diana


A special cake was baked for Anne by Mandy our cook who is shown holding the cake while Anne blows all the candles out. Anne said “How lovely”.

Anne blows out the candles on her 103rd birthday

Anne blows out the candles on her 103rd birthday