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Dear Eves,

Thank you so much, you and your colleagues, for making my stay in the White House such a pleasurable experience. I came to you feeling so ill, and with no appetite, and you and your team made me so welcome, and I began to feel so much better within a couple of days. It was so wonderful to feel warm and to have constant attention to my needs. To feel under no pressure to get up, or to eat what was put in front of me, made me feel so relaxed that within 48 hours I wanted to get out of bed and to eat all the delicious food given to me.

To have the use of the computer relieved my anxieties about my bank account as I could look up to see how I was placed and that I was not going over my limit.

Without exception the staff were kind and obliging and so considerate and I could hear them with the other residents and knew everyone was being treated the same. Initially my wife was very worried about me being in respite but her worry stopped the first evening when she came to visit me and I told her I was in heaven.

Many many thanks to you all.

Yours sincerely,



Des’s Wife Margaret wrote:

Dear Eves,

I know Des has contacted you to say thank you for all the kindness he experienced during his stay at the White House. May I reiterate,I too feel so much gratitude for the way he was looked after during his time with you. From the minute he arrived he was shown so much tender and loving care and he was so very happy with you all, and I felt such relief knowing he was being looked after so well. You really do have a wonderful team so please pass on our opinions because everyone seemed to be so happy in their work and the kindness shown to all your residents was a joy to behold.

All good wishes to you all,


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