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Our Own Quality Assurance – 2014

We undertake an annual quality assurance survey asking our residents, relatives, staff and visiting professionals for feed back on the service we provide.This year there was a very good response to our survey, 22 out of 33 resident questionnaires were completed and returned and 23 out 35 sent out to relatives.

The responses were mostly positive with comments from residents such as:

“Girls are lovely” – “Looked after well.” – “Ok when you get used to it, some time to get used to what it is like” – “Wonderful” – “Excellent”.

The responses from the relatives included:

“Keep on doing what you are doing, you are all succeeding admirably” – “I have always been met with a totally professional and caring attitude” – “Exceptionally kind, caring and cheerful. The friendliness and good cheer of the staff make an enormous difference to the quality of my mother’s life. She is happy, which is wonderful”.

We were pleased that some issues were raised in the responses. The majority were discussed and resolved on receipt of the completed questionnaires. The following specific actions were taken:

  • A new arm chair was provided for one resident.
  • A specific diet was discussed and offered for one resident.
  • Activities have been reviewed.
  • Skype calling has been set up.
  • Two residents remarked about the length of time it took for staff to respond to their call bell at times. We analysed our call response records and found that all the emergency calls were responded to within one minute and over two thirds of standard calls were responded to within two minutes, ninety percent within five minutes and all calls within ten minutes. We discussed the results with our staff and impressed upon them the need to answer the call bells timely, as ten minutes can appear to be a long time.

More detailed comments can be found in the Testimonial page.

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